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Know versatility at its best with Fernandes International

Our goal is simple: to transcend borders and connect with people all around the globe. This is Fernandes International Ltd., a family dedicated to succeed, inspire and link opportunities worldwide.

Managing Director's message

Fernandes International Ltd. is a tribute to my father, late Mr. Anthony Fernandes. He would regularly quote the famous American actor, Mr. Denzel Washington,

"In order to have something that you never had, you need to do something you never did."

These words are at the core of what we as a company wish to achieve. Our initiative is to drive meaningful connections. As a business, we aim to grow alongside our associates. It is paramount to our success. We are focused on providing a seamless and thorough service. Look no further as our platform offers the best solutions for business and employment opportunities.

We do not compromise with the quality of our services, as we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority. That is what Fernandes International Ltd. stands for, a maximum number of smiling faces of those who availed of our services or products.
- Dax Fernandes



We aim to transcend all boundaries with our transparent and quality services and extend our reach worldwide to succeed, inspire and link opportunities. Assisting all in need and spreading smile and prosperity across the globe is what we envision.



Empowering abilities, inspiring innovation as well as generating business and employment opportunities across the world constitute our company’s mission.

Manpower Solutions

Facing manpower problems? We have solutions. We provide a diverse array of affordable and efficient manpower solution services, ensuring that your business thrives. Through our organization, we prepare and scout skilled personnel that possess powerful technical skills and important soft-skills.

No matter the industry, we offer manpower solutions to all. With a registered office in Europe equipped with a strong network and well experienced sourcing team based in India and other Asian countries, we are able to make the recruiting process much easier for you by finding the right talent. Irrespective of demography, we recruit people from everywhere. You may send your enquiries at hr@fernandesint.com and one of our executives will contact you as soon as they receive your requirements.

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Marketing consultancy

Are you looking for a game changer for your business that can proliferate your products to an international market? We have the perfect solutions. Being located in Malta, a country in the southern European territory, we hold an elementary access to Europe, Africa and Middle East.

It’s redundant to mention how profitable it can be for you to associate with us for developing an expanding market for your products in the countries of these regions. So, why wait anymore? Fill up the enquiry form for having a flourishing business in Europe.

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Thinking about going global with your business? Being conveniently located in Malta, Europe we can easily navigate your products into international market, no matter how small your business is. We are specialized in promoting the following products:

  • Surgical Disposables
  • Garments
  • Leather products
  • Food products

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